Void Folio

The Void Folio feature may be used to void already-issued folios when the Cashiering >Void Bill application parameter is set to Y. (The Void Bill application parameter may be enabled only if the Cashiering>Folio No Reprint application parameter is set to Y.) A folio may be voided only on the same business date when the guest checked out.

To access this feature, select the Void Folio option from the guest's Billing screen Billing Options menu.

The Select Bill to Void LOV appears. This LOV lists all folios created on the current date for the guest. Choose the folio you wish to void. (Only one folio may be voided at a time.) You are prompted to confirm that you wish to void the selected folio.

Note: When displaying the list of folios that can be voided, folios for which a credit bill has been generated are not available for selection. (Credit bill functionality is available when the Cashiering>Credit Bill application parameter is set to Y.)

Following are some guidelines for using the Void Folio feature.