Web Server Login File

Depending on the SFA system configuration, it is possible to allow receiving properties to reply to the lead via a web page on the originating RSO or SFA center web server. With Web Lead Reply, the recipient has real-time access to an interactive web page that allows direct communication with the OPERA database. The Lead screen Current Lead Status and the Turn Down Code (if appropriate) are automatically updated based on recipient interaction with the Web Lead Reply web page.

The use of this feature requires that the lead originator provide an operational web server set-up as per MICROS-Fidelio technical specifications for the SFA.

When the Leads>Lead Login User is set to a specific user ID, then the user's information is stored in the database and the lead URL retrieves it from the database when replying to a lead. In addition, the user whose login and password are specified must have sufficient rights to create and edit bookings in order to enable interaction with the OPERA database when lead replies are received.

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