Netra Server X5-2 Security Guide

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Updated: May 2015

Password Protection

Passwords are an important aspect of security since poorly chosen passwords could result in unauthorized access to company resources. Implementing password management best practices ensures that users adhere to a set of guidelines for creating and protecting their passwords. Typical components of a password policy should define:

  • Password length and strength

  • Password duration

  • Common password practice

Enforce the following standard practices for creating strong, complex passwords:

  • Do not create a password that contains the user name, employee name, or family names.

  • Do not select passwords that are easy to guess.

  • Do not create passwords that contain a consecutive string of numbers such as 12345.

  • Do not create passwords that contain a word or string that is easily discovered by a simple Internet search.

  • Do not allow users to reuse the same password across multiple systems.

  • Do not allow users to reuse old passwords.

Change passwords on a regular basis. This helps to prevent malicious activity and ensures that passwords adhere to current password policies.