Configure Proxy Settings for WebLogic Server

To use external Web Services or HTTP data sources when Oracle BI Applications is configured behind a firewall or requires a proxy to access the internet, you must configure Oracle WebLogic Server to allow the Web service requests and to be aware of the proxy.

This task is part of the Fusion Application Cloud Source System Deployment Roadmap.

Define the proxy host and the non-proxy hosts to WebLogic ODI managed server (ODI_server1) by setting the following parameters:

  • -Dhttp.proxyHost - specifies the proxy host. For example:

  • -Dhttp.proxyPort - specifies the proxy host port. For example:


  • -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts - specifies the hosts to connect to directly, not through the proxy. Specify the list of hosts, each separated by a "|" character; a wildcard character (*) can be used for matching. For example:


To set these proxy parameters and the Web service configuration for your WebLogic Server, update the WebLogic setDomainEnv script:

  1. Open the setDomainEnv script (.sh or .bat) in the MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/DOMAIN_NAME/bin/ directory.
  2. Enter the following parameters:
    EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES=" -Dhttp.proxyPort=80 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=localhost|*|*|* ${EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES}"

    where: is an example proxy host.

    80 is the example proxy port.

    localhost|*|*|* are example non-proxy hosts.