4 Delegated Administrator Pre-Installation Tasks

This chapter describes the pre-installation tasks that you must complete before you can install Oracle Communications Delegated Administrator.

Pre-installation and configuration tasks include:

Installing Java

Oracle GlassFish Server is a Java application and needs a Java environment in which to run.

The 32-bit and 64-bit JDKs require manual installation. Install both JDKs, rather than the JRE, on your front-end hosts.

To get the Java software, go to the Java SE Downloads at:


To install and configure Java, see the Java documentation at:


Installing GlassFish Server

Delegated Administrator requires at least GlassFish Server Version 2.1.1. Download the patch from My Oracle Support, at:


To install and configure GlassFish 3 Server, see Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1.2 Installation Guide.

Installing Directory Server

Delegated Administrator uses Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition to store and access LDAP data for individual users, groups, and domains.

If you need to install Directory Server (that is, your site does not currently have Directory Server deployed), see the Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition documentation at:


Prior to installing and configuring Delegated Administrator, you must also prepare the Directory Server LDAP schema by running the comm_dssetup.pl script. This script, which is provided as part of the Delegated Administrator software, adds the necessary Communications Suite schema to the LDAP.

Some additional LDAP object classes were added to the Communications Suite schema specifically to support Delegated Administrator. To understand the schema that is used by Delegated Administrator, refer to Communications Suite Schema Reference.