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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Security Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Enable the Security Mode

  1. Set the security-mode parameter to either full or command.

    When set to full, a password is required to perform any action including normal operations, such as boot. When set to command, a password is not required for the boot or go commands, but all other commands require a password. For business continuity reasons, set the security-mode parameter to command, as in the following example.

    {0} ok setenv security-mode command
    {0} ok
  2. Obtain the security mode prompt.

    After setting the security mode as described above, you can obtain the security mode prompt in one of two ways.

    • Use the logout and login commands.
      {0} ok logout
      Type boot , go (continue), or login (command mode)
      > login
      Firmware Password: password
      Type help for more information
      {0} ok

      To exit the security mode, use the logout and login names.

    • Use the reset-all command.
      {0} ok reset-all

      This command resets the system. When the system comes back up, OpenBoot goes to the security mode prompt. To log back in to the command prompt (or log out of the security mode), use the logout and login names, and then enter the password, as described above.