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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle GoldenGate Guide

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Updated: January 2016

Setting HA for Oracle GoldenGate Extension Properties

The extension properties for HA for Oracle GoldenGate are described in Appendix A, HA for Oracle GoldenGate Extension Properties.

You can update some extension properties dynamically. You can update other properties, however, only when you create or disable a resource. The Tunable entry indicates when you can update a property.

The instructions for registering and configuring resources explain how to set only extension properties that HA for Oracle GoldenGate requires you to set.

To set an extension property of a resource, include the following option in the clresource command that creates or modifies the resource:

-p property=value 
-p property

Identifies the extension property that you are setting.


Specifies the value to which you are setting the extension property.