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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Developer's Guide

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Updated: September 2015

PMF Functions

These functions encapsulate the Process Monitor Facility (PMF) functionality. The DSDL model for monitoring through the PMF creates and uses implicit tag values for pmfadm. See the pmfadm(1M) man page for more information.

The PMF facility also uses implicit values for the Restart_interval, Retry_count, and action_script (the –t, –n, and –a options to pmfadm). Most important, the DSDL ties the process failure history, as determined by the PMF, into the application failure history as detected by the fault monitor to compute the restart or failover decision.

    The set includes the following functions:

  • scds_fm_sleep(3HA) – Waits for a message on a fault monitor control socket.

  • scds_pmf_get_status(3HA) – Determines if the specified instance is being monitored under the PMF's control.

  • scds_pmf_restart_fm(3HA) – Uses the PMF to restart the fault monitor.

  • scds_pmf_signal(3HA) – Sends the specified signal to a process tree that is running under the PMF's control.

  • scds_pmf_start(3HA) – Executes a specified program (including a fault monitor) under the PMF's control. In addition to performing the same operations as the scds_pmf_start() function, the scds_pmf_start_env() function also passes a provided environment to the executed program.

  • scds_pmf_stop(3HA) – Terminates a process that is running under the PMF's control.

  • scds_pmf_stop_monitoring(3HA) – Stops monitoring a process that is running under the PMF's control.