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Understanding Personal Identification Data

You can scan photos and enter driver's license data in your database to help you identify and recognize individuals at your institution.

Your institution might require an individual's driver's license number and the state from which the license was issued. Your institution might also want to know if the driver's license is valid and how many violations and points are on driver's record. Driver's license and driver's record information might be considered when issuing parking permits, granting the use of departmental vehicles, or maintaining carpools.

You can upload photos to your database to help identify individuals. Use your institution's image importing method to place the image in a file on your computer and save it in JPEG format. Then, using the Photo page, you can upload that image to the individual's record in your database.

You can track the official and self-reported residency of individuals at your institution. You can also enter data for residency appeals.

You can also enter and track IDs from external systems and correlate them to individuals or organizations in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. For example, if your institution uses a separate housing database, you could identify the individual's housing ID.

Use the Personal Identification Number page to assign PINs to individuals as required at your institution. For example, if your institution uses a separate housing database and individuals need a PIN to access their own housing information, you can assign that here.

Using the Citizenship pages, you can enter multiple countries of citizenship and multiple passports for individuals, and track their visa and permits data.

Note: (USA) Use PeopleSoft Patriot Act SEVIS Solutions (PASS) visa processing functionality to track foreign students and exchange visitors and their dependents as required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

See Understanding SEVIS Visa Processing.