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Additional Information for Getting Started with Campus Solutions

The documentation for each application provides implementation and processing information for the Campus Solutions system. However, additional, essential information describing the setup and design of the system appears in two companion volumes of documentation:

Campus Solutions Application Fundamentals documentation consists of important topics that apply to many or all applications across the Campus Solutions product line. Whether you are implementing only one application, some combination of applications within the product line, or the entire Campus Solutions system, you should be familiar with the contents of this central documentation (the documentation you are reading). It is the starting point for fundamentals, such as setting up control tables and administering security.

Campus Community Fundamentals documentation provides documentation on the Campus Community features that are basic to all the applications. Campus Community enables you to maintain and manage a wide range of biographic and demographic information on people and organizations of interest to an institution, both internal and external.

See Campus Community Fundamentals

Several pages in the Campus Solutions applications operate in deferred processing mode. Most fields on these pages are not updated or validated until you save the page or refresh it by clicking a button, link, or tab. This delayed processing has various implications for the field values on the page. For example, if a field contains a default value, any value that you enter before the system updates the page overrides the default. Another implication is that the system updates quantity balances or totals only when you save or otherwise refresh the page.