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Understanding Adapters

This section provides an overview of:

Understanding Adapter Types

The Adapter Type Table component is used to categorize or group adapters by purpose. This data is considered system data and is prefixed with a valid Campus Solutions owner ID—for example SCC, SSF, SFA— to identify it as CS system data. If you define your own adapter types, you should use your own naming convention to prevent your definitions being overlaid by the delivery of new features utilizing the adapters. This also applies for the Adapter Table component.

Delivered adapter types are:

  • SCC_EPAYMENT: ePayment adapters.

  • SCC_HOSTEDPY: Hosted Payment adapters.

  • SCC_PMT_APPL: Payment Application adapters.

  • SSF_SHSECRET: Shared Secret adapters.

  • SSF_EPMTTRAN: SF ePayment Transactions

The SF ePayment Transactions adapters interact with the SF Payment Transaction Manager to validate and secure the transaction, retrieve the application transaction data, update the application-specific tables with the results of payment authorization.

Understanding Adapters

The Adapter Table component is used to create a pointer to a specific application class. The application logic uses the Adapter Table definition to determine the application class that should be invoked for a specific processing purpose based on the Adapter ID.

Delivered Adapters are:

  • SCC_BUS_INTERLINK: Adapter Type (SCC_EPAYMENT) Description (Business Interlink Adapter).

  • SCC_INT_BROKER: Adapter Type (SCC_EPAYMENT) Description (Integration Broker Adapter).

  • SCC_MODEL1A: Adapter Type (SCC_HOSTEDPY) Description (Token-based Integration)

  • SCC_MODEL1B: Adapter Type (SCC_HOSTEDPY) Description (Token-based Integration)

  • SCC_TEST: Adapter Type (SCC_PMT_APPL) Description (Test Payment Application)

  • SSF_BIRTHDATE: Adapter Type (SSF_SHSECRET) Description (Birth Date)

  • SSF_CASHIERING: Adapter Type (SCC_PMT_APPL) Description (Cashiering Hosted Payment)

  • SSF_PIN: Adapter Type (SSF_SHSECRET) Description (PIN)

  • SSF_SS_PMT: Adapter Type (SCC_PMT_APPL) Description (Self Service Payments)

  • SSF_AAWS: Adapter Type (SSF_EPMTTRAN) Description (Application Fee Payment Trans)

See Understanding ePayment Processing

The SSF_AAWS adapter handles all selects/updates to the Application Staging records during the AAWS fee payment process.

See Using the SSF_EPAYMENT_TRANS Web Service

See Payment Integration Web Service Operations

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