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Understanding Student Records Security

Student Records security setup includes access to enrollment, program actions, and transcript types. You enable security for program actions and transcript types by specifying which program actions and transcript types a user ID is allowed to access.

Enrollment security is more complicated and includes setting up enrollment access IDs and enrollment access groups. An enrollment access ID determines the time period when a user can perform certain enrollment functions and the type of overrides to which a user has access. An enrollment access group determines which types of students a user can enroll. It also controls the courses in which a user can enroll a student. You can add enrollment access IDs to enrollment access groups to limit the time period when the user can perform enrollment functions for the types of students.

Enrollment access IDs or enrollment access groups are assigned to user IDs for administrative users. For student self-service users, you assign enrollment access IDs to permission lists, which are assigned to students.

Before you set up enrollment access IDs, you must complete the following tasks for each term within an academic career:

  • Set up the time periods and associate them with sessions.

    Several time periods are delivered with the PeopleSoft system, and you can add other time periods if needed.

  • Set up valid time periods for every academic career on the Time Period Table page.

  • Attach time periods to sessions and specify the dates for each time period for the sessions within a term on the Session Time Periods page.