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Resolving Issues for the User Profiles Management Process

Important! Mass Change is a deprecated product. Support will be maintained for this product, but no new development will be produced for Mass Change. It is strongly recommended that you use Application Engine instead. For more information on PeopleSoft Application Engine, see PeopleTools: Application Engine.

This section discusses techniques that enable you to run the User Profiles Management process successfully. If you receive an error or if a process runs unsuccessfully, try these problem solving techniques.

If the Count field on the user Profiles Mass Creation page displays 0 after you click the Populate Selection button, then the system selected no IDs for the process; the process ran successfully, but no IDs were created or maintained. In this case, regenerate the mass change using the mass change definition on the Generate SQL page. Be sure to save the mass change. Run the process again. If the count still shows zero, then the criteria may not match any of the data in the database.

If a process abnormally ended, the next time you run it may be unsuccessful because of the data stored in these temporary tables:



In this case, delete the tables and run the process again.

If no user ID was created for an ID that was selected by the mass change, look at the error log PS_ERR_LOG_USRPRF and verify if an error code was given. Error codes are documented inside the "Error Log Information" section.