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Understanding Enrollment Requisite Setup and Maintenance

In Student Records, two levels are available at which you can create enrollment requisites and requirements:

  1. Enrollment Requirement Groups, which handle requirements for specific courses or class reserve capacities.

  2. (Optional) Enrollment Requirements (with or without course lists), which handle complicated requisite rules.

Most likely, you can meet 90 percent of your requisite needs with the Enrollment Requirement Group component alone.

Depending on the structure and complexity of your enrollment requirement groups, you must first define the following data:

  • Academic institutions.

  • Requisite program statuses.

  • (Optional) Tests for requisites.

  • Student Groups for requisites.

  • (Optional) Requisite conditions.

  • (Optional) Enrollment requirements.

  • (Optional) Enrollment course lists.

  • (Optional) Entity groups.

  • (Optional) Requirement designations.

  • (Optional) Courses.