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Posting Mass Enrollment Requests

This section discusses how to post enrollment requests in mass.

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Mass Enrollment


select Records and Enrollment, then select Enroll Students, then select Mass Enrollment, then select Mass Enrollment

Post a group of enrollment requests. Although enrollment processing is designed for you to generate and post requests online, the PeopleSoft system also provides this batch posting process as a means to speed data entry for registration officials who want to post large groups of enrollments at the same time rather than waiting for the enrollment engine to post each request at the time it is made.

Access the Mass Enrollment page (select Records and Enrollment, then select Enroll Students, then select Mass Enrollment, then select Mass Enrollment).

You can also use the Mass Enrollment page to post block enrollment requests, especially larger requests that might be subject to a remote call timeout error if you were to click the Post button on the Block Enroll Merge page. Because the mass enrollment process uses PeopleSoft Process Scheduler to post enrollment requests, you avoid possible remote call timeout errors.

Run the Mass Enrollment COBOL/SQL process (SRPCEMSS) as needed. All the rules checking (requisites, permissions, repeat checking, and so on) still occur.

Note: If you are using Program Enrollment or Activity Management, you must run the PSJob process (SREMSSJB).

See the Student Enrollment Event document on My Oracle Support Doc ID 1400723.1

See Managing APT Enrollment

See Understanding Activity Management

Note: You should use the Mass Enrollment page and its corresponding process for converting historical enrollment records.

Field or Control


From Enrollment Request ID and To Enrollment Request ID

Enter the start enrollment request ID in the From Enrollment Request ID field, and enter the last enrollment request ID to post in the To Enrollment Request ID field. Enrollment request ID values are generated by the system when you enter student enrollment requests. If you are entering only one enrollment request ID, such as for posting a single block enrollment request, enter the value in the From Enrollment Request ID field.