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Setting Up Project Supervisors

This section discusses how to set up the project supervisor administrator role. It discusses how to:

Use the Affiliation Setup component and the Academic Institution 10 page to define administrators (project supervisors) for Student Academic Project.

See Defining Administrators

This is a technical task not for functional users.

See Setting Up Integration Broker For Research Administrator Profile Affiliations

Use the Administrator Profile Management page (Records and Enrollment, Academic Projects, Administrator Profile, Administrator Profile Management) to enter and track administrators who can participate as project supervisors. On this page, you can track the qualifications of the administrator and the approval of those qualifications. Also, manage academic areas of participation and availability of the administrator.

This page can also be accessed by selecting Records and Enrollment, Graduate Research Management, Administrator Profile, Administrator Profile Management.

See Defining and Managing Administrator Profiles

Use the Supervisor Roles page (Set Up SACR, Product Related, Student Records, Research Management, Supervisor Roles, Supervisor Roles) to define the valid supervisor roles for the institution.

The values that you define here are available in the Supervisor Role field on the Additional Details page in the Student Project Management component.

See Creating and Managing a Student Academic Project

See Setting Up Research Administrators