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Setting Up Special Grade Point Averages

To set up special grade point averages, use the Student Special GPA component (SPECIAL_GPA_TYPE).

Every institution has its own unique way of calculating grade point averages. Special grade point averages are averages that you define for your institution that differ from the cumulative grade point average. You can enter special grade point averages for a student's academic program, academic plan, or academic subplan. You can then use these special grade point averages to meet your institution's analysis and reporting needs.

This section lists the page used to set up special grade point averages.

Page Name

Definition Name



Student Special GPA


select Set Up SACR, then select Product Related, then select Student Records, then select Grading, then select Student Special GPA, then select Student Special GPA

Define the types of grade point averages (GPAs) that your institution tracks by entering an effective date, status, and description for each GPA type.