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Entering and Submitting the DLHE Survey

Students can access the Enter Survey page by clicking the Enter DLHE Survey link on the Student Center page (select Self Service, then select Student Center).

The Enter DLHE Survey link appears on the Student Center page if all of the following conditions are met:

The Enter DLHE Survey link does not appear if either:

Alternatively, students can access the Enter DLHE Survey link from the Survey Link Pagelet, if your institution has deployed that pagelet. For more information, see Using the Survey Link Pagelet.

After clicking the Enter DLHE Survey link, the user selects a survey if more than one survey exists for a student on the Select Survey page and then proceeds to complete the sections A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Image: Section A Self-Service page for students

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Section A Self-Service page for students. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Section A Destination of Leavers Survey Self-Service page for students

Field or Control



Click to save the record updates.


Click to navigate to the previous page in the survey.


Click to navigate to the next page in the survey.

Administrative users can navigate to these self-service sections using the Survey Management page (Navigate to select Records and Enrollment, then select HESA Reporting, then select Destination of Leavers, then select Survey Management. Then, on the Survey Management page, search for the survey and click the Enter Survey button for the survey).

The system disables or enables sections dynamically based on the user responses to the questions. The following list describes the validations:

After completing the sections, the user submits the survey. At any time, the user can save the survey, and return later for completing and submitting the survey.

The following table describes the sections:


Used for

Section A

Specifying whether the student is employed or undertaking further study, training or research on the census date.

Section B

Entering employment details.

Section C

Entering information concerning teaching experience.

Section D 

Entering information concerning further study, training or research.

Section E

Entering information concerning the student's overall higher education experience.

Section F

Reviewing the status of each survey section and submitting the survey.

This section displays the Incomplete Questions list where the asterisk (*) indicates the required questions.

See Configuring HESA for information about the Allow incomplete submission and Require mandatory questions check boxes.

For more information on how administrative users use the DLHE self-service pages, see Adding, Viewing, and Updating Surveys.