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Viewing the Advisement Transcripts Using Self-Service Pages

Your institution can enable users to view advisement transcripts (based on a transcript types) or advisement reports. Advisement reports are based on advisement report types and are also known as the interactive advisement report or My Academic Requirements. We recommend using the advisement reports. Refer to the Using Academic Advisement Self Service documentation for information about how advisors, students, and prospective students can access the advisement reports in self-service.

Note: Advisement transcripts was the advisement report for Campus Solutions pre-9.0 release. With 9.0 release, My Academic Requirements is the advisement report for Campus Solutions.

These topics discuss the advisement transcripts accessible to users, including students and advisors.

The advisement transcripts (often called Degree Progress Reports) are transcripts, specifically an academic advisement transcript. If you want to enable users to generate advisement transcripts, your institution must define advising transcript types for use in self-service using the Define Transcript Type component (SSR_TSCRPT_TYPE).

See Defining Transcript Types

You must also remove access to the component, SAA_SS_DPR_ADB, which is the interactive advisement report (My Academic Requirements).

This section lists the pages used to view the Degree Progress Reports (advisement transcripts) using self-service pages.

Page Name

Definition Name



Degree Progress Report


select Self Service, then select Degree Progress/Graduation, then select View Degree Progress Report

Students can request a Degree Progress report by selecting their institution and a report type, and then clicking the Go button.

Quick What-If Analysis Report


Click the Quick What-If button on the Degree Progress Report page.

Students can generate a degree progress report based on a what-if program of study.

Course List What-If Analysis


Click the Course List What-If button on the Degree Progress Report page.

Students can set up a course list what-if scenario and then generate a degree progress report based on that what-if coursework.