Creating or Editing Custom Log Filters

You can create custom filters for log charts in Log Analyzer. You can filter a log chart by application, database, user, message number, message type, duration, and text. You can also specify the X-axis and Y-axis for a log chart.

After you create a filter for a log, it is available each time you view charts for the log. When you delete log charts for a log, custom filters defined for the log also are deleted.

  To create or edit a custom filter for log charts:

  1. From Enterprise View or a custom view, select the Essbase Server or the application for which you want to view log charts.

  2. Right-click and select View, then Log charts.

    The Log Analyzer Charts window opens.

  3. Click Add Filter to add a custom filter.

  4. In View by filter, select the filter and click Edit Filter to edit a custom filter.

  5. In Add/Edit Custom Filter, specify filter criteria.

  6. Click OK.

    Log Analyzer refreshes the log chart based on the filter.

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