About Log Analyzer

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You can use Log Analyzer to filter, search, and analyze Essbase Server logs and application logs. Based on filters that you choose or create, you can view robust graphical charts for a log. An auto-refresh option enables you to monitor log information dynamically.

Log Analyzer retrieves log information from the log file on Essbase Server and parses the information into the relational database on the middle-tier Essbase Administration Server. As logs are updated and opened in Log Analyzer, the size of the log database on Essbase Administration Server increases. If you use settings in the essbase.cfg configuration file to control the size of log files or to set delimiters, those settings also help control the size of the log database on Essbase Administration Server. For information about using Essbase logs, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

You need Administrator permissions to open Essbase Server logs and Application Manager permissions to open application logs.

You can perform the following tasks using Log Analyzer: