Generating Log Charts

Before you can view and filter log charts, you must generate log chart information. When you generate charts for a log, the log is parsed into the relational database on Essbase Administration Server. Each subsequent time that you view log charts, you click Refresh to update the log database with messages written to the log since the last time you viewed log charts. You generate log charts only once for each log.

A log is not altered when it is loaded to the log database on Essbase Administration Server, and the log file on Essbase Server is unaffected. Log chart information is stored in the log database until you delete the log charts.

Log chart generation runs as a background process so that you can continue working in Administration Services Console. While the generation processes in the background, you can exit the console, but you cannot shut down Essbase Administration Server until the generation process is complete.

  To generate log charts for a log:

  1. From Enterprise View or a custom view, select an Essbase Server or an application.

  2. Right-click, and select Generate log charts.

    A message indicates that the generation process has been launched in the background and an ID for the process is displayed. You can use the ID to track the status of the background process in the Background Process Status window.

  3. Click OK.

    You can now view the generated log charts.

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