About Essbase Logs

Essbase maintains two types of logs that record Essbase Server activity, one for Essbase Servers and one for each application. You can specify what type of information is recorded in a log.

Essbase writes all actions and commands related to Essbase to the Essbase Server log, which is a text file on the Essbase Server. This log contains Agent process information and activity for the server. The Essbase Server log is stored in the MIDDLEWARE_HOMEuser_projects/epmsystem1/diagnostics/logs/essbase/instance directory and is named ESSBASE.LOG. All application-related activity, including calculations and database restructuring, is written to the application log, which is a text file on an Essbase Server. Application logs are stored in the application directory (MIDDLEWARE_HOMEuser_projects/epmsystem1/diagnostics/logs/essbase/instance/appname) and are named appname.log.

For information about using Essbase logs, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

You can use Log Analyzer to filter, search, and analyze logs. To view the text of a log, use the Log Viewer window.

You need Administrator permissions for Essbase to view the server log. You need Application Manager permissions for an application to view the application log.

Essbase also maintains an outline change log that saves detailed outline modification information to a text file. You cannot open outline change logs in Log Viewer. For more information about outline change logs, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

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