Active alarms elements

This table describes the elements on the View Active alarms page.

Active Alarms Elements
Active Alarms Element Description
Sequence # A system-wide unique number assigned to each alarm
Alarm ID A unique number assigned to each alarm in the system. See Alarm and event ID ranges for more information.
Alarm Text Description of the alarm. The description is truncated to 140 characters.
Note: The Alarm Text field is not truncated in exports or reports.
Timestamp Date and time the alarm occurred (fractional seconds resolution)
Severity Alarm severity - Critical, Major, Minor
Product Name of the product or application that generated the alarm
Process Name of the process that generated the alarm
NE Name of the Network Element where the alarm occurred
Server Name of the server where the alarm occurred
Type Alarm or Event Type, e.g. Process, Disk, Platform. See Alarm and event types for more information.
Instance Instance of the alarm, e.g. Link01 or Disk02. The Instance provides additional information to help differentiate two or more alarms with the same number. This field may be blank if differentiation is not necessary