The Administration Command Line Interface history

By default Oracle NoSQL Database uses the Java Jline library to support saveable command line history in the CLI. If you want to disable this feature, the following Java property should be set while running runadmin:

java -jar KVHOME/kvstore.jar \
runadmin -host <hostname> -port <portname> 

Command line history is saved to a file so that it is available after restart. By default, Oracle NoSQL Database attempts to save the history in a KVHOME/.jlineoracle.kv.impl.admin.client.CommandShell.history file, which is created and opened automatically. The default history saved is 500 lines.


If the history file cannot be opened, it will fail silently and the CLI will run without saved history.

The default history file path can be overridden by setting the"path" Java property.

The default number of lines to save to the file can be modified by setting the<int_value> Java property.