Hadoop Integration

Oracle NoSQL Database can be integrated with Apache Hadoop systems using the oracle.kv.hadoop.KVInputFormat class. This class allows you to read data from Oracle NoSQL Database and then prepare it for insertion into a Hadoop system. To move data in the reverse, you can read data from the Hadoop system using the standard mechanisms, and then write the records to Oracle NoSQL Database using the APIs described in this book.

An example of using KVInputFormat to read data from Oracle NoSQL Database in a Map/Reduce job can be found in the <KVHOME>/examples/hadoop directory.

In addition, Oracle NoSQL Database provides the oracle.kv.AvroFormatter interface. This is used to support Oracle Loader for Hadoop (OLH), which can read data directly from Oracle NoSQL Database and write it to Oracle Database as a Map/Reduce job. OLH is described in the Oracle Loader for Hadoop chapter of the Oracle Big Data Connectors User's Guide, which you can find here: