Access and Security

Access to the KVStore and its data is performed in two different ways. Routine access to the data is performed using Java APIs that the application developer uses to allow his application to interact with the Oracle NoSQL Database Driver, which communicates with the store's Storage Nodes in order to perform whatever data access the application developer requires. The Java APIs that the application developer uses are introduced later in this manual.

In addition, administrative access to the store is performed using a command line interface or a browser-based graphical user interface. System administrators use these interfaces to perform the few administrative actions that are required by Oracle NoSQL Database. You can also monitor the store using these interfaces.

For most production stores, authentication over SSL is normally required by both the command line interface and the Java APIs. It is possible to install a store such that authentication is not required, but this is not recommended. For details on Oracle NoSQL Database's security features, see the Oracle NoSQL Database Security Guide.


Oracle NoSQL Database is intended to be installed in a secure location where physical and network access to the store is restricted to trusted users. For this reason, at this time Oracle NoSQL Database's security model is designed to prevent accidental access to the data. It is not designed to prevent denial-of-service attacks.