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Netra Modular System Security Guide

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Updated: August 2015

Basic Security Principles

Follow these basic security principles for all modular system software and hardware:

  • Authentication – Authentication is how a user is identified, typically through confidential information such as user name and password, or shared keys. Authentication ensures that users of hardware or software are who they say they are. By default, local user names and passwords are used for authentication. Shared key-based authentication is also available.

  • Accounting and Auditing – Accounting and auditing maintain a record of a user's activity on the system. The modular system software and hardware features allow administrators to monitor login activity and maintain hardware inventories:

    • User logins are monitored through system logs. System administrator and service accounts have access to commands that used incorrectly could cause harm and data loss.

    • Hardware assets are tracked through serial numbers. Oracle part numbers are electronically recorded on all cards, modules, and motherboards, and can be used for inventory purposes.