Product Design and Resource Utilization

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is designed to scale from small installations up through large installations. To scale, you must deploy key components of the product architecture appropriately to meet the requirements. You should be familiar with the following key components:

  • Browser user interface. Ops Center provides a rich interface inside a browser. The user interface heavily leverages JavaScript and AJAX technology to provide a highly dynamic and asynchronously updating user view.

  • Enterprise Controller. The Enterprise Controller is the core component of Ops Center, it provides a centralized place where management information is stored and from which operations are initiated. The browser user interface connects into a standard API that the Enterprise Controller provides.

  • A Management Repository. The management repository is based on an Oracle Enterprise Edition Database and provides a permanent storage location for all management data used by the Enterprise Controller. In this release the management repository can either be co-located in the same operating system instance as the Enterprise Controller or deployed onto an external database server.

  • Proxy Controller. The Proxy Controller is designed to be distributed throughout the networks. It provides proxy capabilities for operations that must be logically located close to the targets due to network considerations, such as OS provisioning activities. It also provides a fan out for minimizing network load, proxy load balancing, and failover. Using this technology, you can configure proxies to see the same assets and can load balance traffic and provide a failover model between proxies.

  • Agent Controllers. Agent Controllers provide monitoring and update capabilities for the host operating system. Specialized agents support basic and virtualization control virtualization technology. When an asset is agent-managed, the agent gathers information for the Enterprise Controller. The VC Agent Controller is for virtualization technology, such as zones and logical domains. This agent manages the logical domains that run on the Control Domain and the zones that run on the logical domains.

    You have the option to not install an agent on a host, referred to as agentlessly managed. The management functionality is limited without the agent.