Edit Report Service Properties

You can configure the retention periods to change the number of days that data is retained, or you can disable the roll up of data.

Perform the following steps to disable the report service:

  1. Expand Administration in the Navigation pane.

  2. Select the Enterprise Controller.

  3. Click the Configuration tab.

  4. Select Report Service from the Subsystem menu.

    Figure A-1 Report Service Configuration Properties

    Description of Figure A-1 follows
    Description of "Figure A-1 Report Service Configuration Properties"
  5. You can edit the following property values:

    • To edit the number of days that data is retained, edit the number in the Value field for the sample-retention-days properties.

    • To increase the sample size, edit the number in the epsvc.saves-bt-commits field. Larger deployments might want to increase the sample size from the default size of 1000.

    • To disable the roll up of data, set the 1 hour samples, 12 hour samples, and 24 hour samples retention times to 0.

  6. Click Save to save your changes.

    Figure A-2 Save Configuration Property Values

    Description of Figure A-2 follows
    Description of "Figure A-2 Save Configuration Property Values"
  7. Stop and restart the Enterprise Controller.

    1. As root, log in to the Enterprise Controller system.

    2. Use the ecadm command with the stop subcommand to stop the Enterprise Controller.

    3. Use the ecadm command with the start subcommand to start the Enterprise Controller.

      See the Related Resources for Report Service Configuration section for more information about viewing and changing the Enterprise Controller status and command options.