Disable the Report Service

You can disable the report service, which will stop adding report data in the database.


Disabling the report service disables the logging of all monitoring values into the database. The analytics feature, which displays graphs and charts of asset attributes, is disabled. Any feature that depends on monitoring data is also disabled.

Perform the following steps to disable the report service:

  1. Go to the /opt/sun/n1gc/lib directory.

  2. Edit the XVM_SATELLITE.properties file.

  3. Remove the comment from the following line: report.service.disable=true.

  4. Stop and restart the Enterprise Controller.

    1. As root, log in to the Enterprise Controller system.

    2. Use the ecadm command with the stop subcommand to stop the Enterprise Controller.

    3. Use the ecadm command with the start subcommand to start the Enterprise Controller.

      See the Related Resources for Report Service Configuration section for more information about viewing and changing the Enterprise Controller status and command options.