Oracle Engineered Systems Reports

The Oracle Engineered Systems report is all about viewing the rack setup for each of the rack within the system including the asset details related to the firmware.

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, you can discover and manage Oracle Engineered Systems. You can view and access multiple Engineered Systems from a single datacenter through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. You can also view the Engineered System's assets, incidents reported from the Engineered Systems, and Service Requests. You can generate reports for all datacenter assets, including Engineered Systems. This also displays the number of assets in the rack by their types, such as compute nodes, switches, and storage nodes in the system.

Creating Oracle Engineered Systems Report

Procedure to create an Oracle Engineered Systems report.

You can generate and view the report for multiple engineered systems. Perform the following steps to create an Oracle Engineered Systems Report.

  1. On the Navigation pane, click Reports.

    Figure 4-8 Create Oracle Engineered System Reports

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  2. Click Oracle Engineered Systems Reports.
  3. On the Actions pane, click Create Oracle Engineered Systems Report.
  4. In the Define Report Parameters wizard, enter a name and description for the report.

    The Schedule and Output Format are checked by default.

    Figure 4-9 Oracle Engineered Systems Report Parameters

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    • Select Create Schedule if you want to run the report later or on a recurring schedule.

    • Select the output formats of the result that will be generated for the report.

  5. In the Targets section, select the asset for which you want to run the report and click Add to Target List.
  6. Click Next. The Schedule wizard is displayed.
  7. Select a schedule for the report. You can schedule the report to run on the following instances:
    • Now: Runs the report immediately.

    • At a later date/time: Select a date and time to generate the report.

    • On a Recurring Schedule: Select the month and day when you want to generate the report. Select the Start Time, End Time and Number of Hours between runs. This is to set the number of times the report is generated between the specified start and end time. For example, if you set the start time at 6.00 a.m, end time at 12.00 a.m, and the number of hours between runs as 2, then the report is run at 6.00 a.m, 8.00 a.m, 10.00 a.m, and 12.00 a.m.

  8. Click Next. The Summary wizard is displayed.
  9. Verify the report parameters and click one of the options as required:
    • Save Template and Close: Saves the report as a template and closes the wizard. You can use the report template to generate the report later.

    • Run and Close: Runs the report and closes the wizard window.

    Figure 4-10 Oracle Engineered Systems Report Results

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