System Information Reports

You can create a system information report to obtain the information on assets such as operating systems, servers, chassis, logical domains, global zones, non-global zones, and M-Series servers.

The information on assets include details like architecture, type, host id, host name, logical units, version, description and so on.

Creating System Information Reports

Procedure to create a Systems Information Report.

  1. Select Reports from the Navigation pane.
  2. Select System Information Reports from the Reports section.
  3. Select Create System Information Report from the Actions pane. The Create System Information Report Wizard is displayed.
  4. Define the report parameters, including:
    • Report Name: The name of the report.

    • Description: A description of the report.

    • Schedule: Select Create Schedule to schedule the report.

    • Output Format: Select the output format of the report result. CSV and PDF formats are available.

    • Select Targets: Add one or more targets by selecting them in the list of Available Items by clicking Add to Target List.

  5. Click Next to display the Attribute Selection.
  6. Select one or more attributes from the list and click Add or Add All to choose all the attributes.

    Click Next to display the Attribute Filters.

  7. To set a filter for an attribute, select the attribute and specify its condition. Click the Add icon to set filters for other attributes.

    Click Next to display the Schedule, when you are finished setting the filters.

  8. Select a desired schedule to run and generate the report.
  9. Click Next to display the Summary.
  10. Review the report parameters and select one of the options as required:
    • Save Template and Close: Saves the report as a template and closes the wizard. You can use the report template to generate the report later.

    • Run and Close: Runs the report and closes the wizard window.

    The report results are displayed under the Report Results in the center pane.

To view the report, select it from the Reports Results section and then click one of the icons to choose the format: View interactively, View CSV, or View PDF.

See Viewing a Report Result for more information about generating a compliance job from the result.