Introduction to Managing Hardware Assets

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides comprehensive lifecycle management for the hardware assets in your data center. The hardware assets can be handled individually or as a group.

After the discovery and management of the hardware assets you can configure and then monitor them to gather the information to maintain them.

Configuring Hardware Assets

Steps to configure hardware assets.

Use these deployment plans:

  • Install Server

  • Update BIOS Configuration

  • Configure Service Processor

  • Configure Server Hardware and Install OS

  • Configure RAID

  • Configure M-Series Hardware, Create and Install Domain

  • Configure and Install Dynamic System Domain

All the plans are based on hardware resource profiles. See Hardware Resource Profiles

Monitoring Hardware Assets

As soon as a hardware asset is managed, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center starts to monitor it, according to the asset type's monitoring profile.

The center pane displays information for a selected asset in a series of tabbed windows. The tabs and the type of information is specific for the asset type but, in general, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center reports the following:

  • Health status

  • Power state

  • Power usage

  • Hardware variables and connectivity

You can change the monitoring thresholds in the standard profile to specify the conditions that generate an alert. You can also create custom profiles with different rule sets and alert parameters and apply the profile to a specific system, a group of homogeneous systems, or a group that you define.

Maintaining Hardware Assets

You can control and maintain your hardware assets and perform specified actions on it.

Based on your observations, you can control your hardware assets and do the following actions:

  • Update management credentials.

  • Setting and Changing the Power Policy

  • Power systems on and off

  • Place in maintenance mode

  • Reset a server

  • Get access to the serial console

  • Use locator lights to identify a specific asset

  • Check firmware compliance and update firmware

Use these deployment plans or customize them: