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Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static string GetStatusName (BGStatusCode statusCode)

Public Attributes

readonly BGStatusCode StatusCode
readonly string AppName
readonly int ProcessId
readonly string ClientId
readonly string NetworkName
readonly int NetworkSpeed
readonly int BatteryPower

Detailed Description

Represents current status of sync agent.

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Member Function Documentation

static string Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.GetStatusName ( BGStatusCode  statusCode)

Get language-specific name of a given status code

statusCodestatus code
the name such as "Stopped", "Running", etc. transated depending on the device language settings

Member Data Documentation

readonly string Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.AppName

Application or process name within which sync agent is running. It is usually "syncagent" unless sync agent was started with BGSession.StartInternal() in which case it runs within application process

readonly int Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.BatteryPower

Remaining battery life in %, if relevant.

readonly string Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.ClientId

Sync user name for whom sync agent is running.

readonly string Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.NetworkName

Name of the network currently used for sync, evaluated by sync agent.

readonly int Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.NetworkSpeed

Network bandwidth, in bits per second.

readonly int Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.ProcessId

Process id of a process within which sync agent is running.

See Also
readonly BGStatusCode Oracle.OpenSync.SyncAgent.BGAgentStatus.StatusCode

Sync Agent status code