Creating a QuickStart Database Deployment

Not Oracle Cloud Infrastructure This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

For accounts that use the Universal Credits payment model, MySQL Cloud Service provides a QuickStart template that creates a deployment of commonly used configuration. You simply pick a template and, if desired, change the default deployment name. MySQL Cloud Service then uses an Oracle Cloud Stack Manager template to provide all the other configuration information.


  1. Go to the QuickStarts page:

    1. Open the MySQL Cloud Service console.

    2. Click the QuickStarts link.

      The QuickStarts page is displayed.

  2. If desired, change the Instance Name from the default provided. The name must start with a letter, and can contain up to 25 letters or numbers.

  3. Select the template you want to use.

    For more information about the database deployments these templates create, see Enterprise Edition Template.


    Currently, MySQL Cloud Service provides only one template, Enterprise Edition.
  4. Click the Create button below the template you want to use.

    The Confirmation window is displayed. Note that the Create button is disabled.


    If you want to create a custom service instead of using a template, click the Custom button to open the Create Service wizard. For more information, see Creating a MySQL Server Deployment.
  5. Click the Download link and save the zip file containing the SSH key pair and administrator password that will be used to create your deployment. You will need this information to access your database deployment after it is created.

    The Create button is now enabled.

  6. Click Create.

    The Confirmation window closes, MySQL Cloud Service begins creating the deployment using the Oracle Cloud Stack Manager template, and the Instances page is displayed.

  7. Periodically refresh the Instances page to monitor the creation of your new deployment.