Enterprise Edition

When you use the Enterprise Edition Quickstart option, MySQL Cloud Service uses an Oracle Cloud Stack Manager template to create a deployment consisting of a MySQL database housed on a single compute node. As such, the database deployment is associated with an Oracle Cloud Stack of the same name. In brief, the template performs these actions:

  • Creates a compute node of 1 oc3 OCPU with 7.5 GB RAM and its own public IP address.

  • Deploys MySQL Server Enterprise Edition on the compute node.

  • Creates 125GB of storage and allocates 25GB for the database.

  • Creates Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic networking resources to provide access to the compute node, setting all except SSH access on port 22 to a disabled status.

  • Creates a MySQL database schema named mydatabase.

  • Starts the database.

Note that the template does not configure backups for the deployment, nor is MySQL Enterprise Monitor configured.