About MySQL Cloud Service Roles and Users

In addition to the roles and privileges described in Oracle Cloud User Roles and Privileges in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud, the following role is created for MySQL Cloud Service: MySQLCS MySQLAdministrators.

When the MySQL Cloud Service account is first set up, the service administrator is given this role. User accounts with this role must be added before anyone else can access and use MySQL Cloud Service.

The identity domain administrator can create more MySQL Cloud Service administrators by creating user accounts and assigning the role to user. For information about how to add user accounts in Oracle Cloud, see Managing User Accounts and Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.

The following table summarizes the privileges given to a Tenant User in MySQL Cloud Service:

Description of Privilege More Information

Can create and delete MySQL Server deployments

Creating a MySQL Server Deployment

Deleting a MySQL Server Deployment

Can scale, patch, and back up or restore MySQL Server deployments

Scaling MySQL Cloud Service

Patching MySQL Cloud Service

Backing Up and Restoring Databases on MySQL Cloud Service

Can monitor and manage service usage in Oracle Cloud

Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud Services in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud