20 Creating Monitoring Templates

Administrator Icon Monitoring templates let you standardize monitoring settings across your enterprise by enabling you to specify the monitoring settings once and apply them to your monitored targets. You can save, edit, and apply these templates across one or more targets or groups. A monitoring template is specified for a particular target type and can only be applied to targets of the same type. For example, you can define one monitoring template for test databases and another monitoring template for production databases. After discovering and monitoring targets, create monitoring templates so that the monitoring settings can be applied uniformly to each target type.

Create a Monitoring Template
  1. From the Enterprise menu, select Monitoring, then Monitoring Templates.
  2. On the Monitoring Templates page, click Create.

  3. Select a target or a target type whose monitoring settings you want copy to the template.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. In the General tab, enter a for the monitoring template you are creating.

  6. In the Metric Thresholds tab, select one or more metrics you want to add to the template.

    If you want to add additional metrics, which are not listed on this page, click Add Metrics to Template. Then select a source from which you can copy metrics to the template.

  7. Click OK.