19 Monitoring Targets

Monitoring Icon Monitoring refers to the process of gathering information and keeping track of activity, status, performance, and health of targets managed by Enterprise Manager Cloud Control on your host. A Management Agent deployed on the host in conjunction with plug-ins monitors every target in your environment. After discovering unmanaged hosts and targets in your network, promote them and add them to the Enterprise Manager system so that they can be monitored.

Step 1: Secure Management Agents Step 2: Promote and Monitor Targets
  1. From the Setup menu, click Agents.
  2. Click the Management Agent that is monitoring the host where the targets you want to promote are running.

  3. On the Management Agent Home page, verify if it is secure. If it is not secure, from the Agent menu, click Secure to secure it.

  1. From the Setup menu, select Add Target, then select Auto Discovery Results.
  2. Click the Non-Host Targets tab.

  3. In the table, select one or more targets you want to promote, and click Promote.

  4. Navigate to the target home pages and verify that they have been added to the console for monitoring.