23 Setting Up Incident Rule Sets and Subscribing to Receive E-Mail Notifications

Rules Icon An incident rule instructs Enterprise Manager to take specific actions when incidents, events, or problems occur, such as performing notifications. An incident rule set is a collection of rules that apply to a common set of objects such as targets (hosts, databases, groups), jobs, metric extensions, or self updates, and take appropriate actions when there are events and incidents. An event is a significant occurrence of interest on a target that has been detected by Enterprise Manager. An incident is a set of significant events or combination of related events that pertain to the same issue. Create your incident rule sets and subscribe to them so that you are notified every time there is an event or incident.

Step 1: Create and Subscribe to Custom Incident Rules Step 2: Subscribe to Out-of-Box Incident Rules
  1. From the Setup menu, select Incidents, then select Incident Rules.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Create Rule Set.

  3. Enter a name and description for the rule set.

  4. In the Targets tab, select the targets to which the rules set should apply.

  5. In the Rules tab, click Create.

  6. Select Incoming events and updates to events, and click Continue.

  7. On the Select Events page, set the criteria for events based on which the rule should act. Click Next.

  8. On the Add Actions page, click Add and add actions to be taken by the rule. In the Notifications section, enter the e-mail addresses where the notifications must be send. Click Next.

    Multiple conditional actions can be specified and evaluated sequentially (top down) in the order you add them.

  9. On the Specify Name and Description page, enter a name and description for the rule. Click Next.

  10. On the review page, review the details, and click Continue.

  11. On the Create Rule Set page, click Save.

  1. From the Setup menu, select Incidents, then select Incident Rules.
  2. On the Incident Rules - All Rules page, in the table, select the rule set to which you want to subscribe.

  3. From the Actions menu, select E-Mail, then select Subscribe Me.