24 Setting Up Reporting Framework

Reports Icon Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) is Oracle's primary reporting tool for authoring, managing, and delivering all your highly formatted documents. Set up the reporting framework using BI Publisher so that you can generate high-quality reports and documents, with pagination and headers/footers, and in formats such as PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and HTML.

Step 1: Download BI Publisher Step 2: Back Up the OMS and the Domain Step 3: Install BI Publisher Step 4: Integrate with Enterprise Manager Step 5: Verify the Integration
Download the software from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Downloads page.

(Search for the product title Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

  1. Back up the OMS as described in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide.
  2. Back up the domain:

    cd <Instance-Home>/user_projects/domains

    zip -r GCDomain.zip GCDomain

  1. Run the BI Publisher installer:
  2. (Optional) Select an e-Mail address for updates, and click Next.

  3. Select Software-only Install, and click Next.

  4. After passing the prerequisite checks, click Next.

  5. Select the Middleware home of your Enterprise Manager installation.

  6. Retain the default name Oracle_BI1 as the BI Oracle home name, and click Next.

  7. (Optional) Enter the My Oracle Support credentials to be notified of any security update, and click Next.

  1. Run the configureBIP script:


  2. Enter the necessary credentials when prompted.

  3. Enter the HTTP and HTTPS ports when prompted.

    The script identifies free ports and ask if you want to take them as a default. Once entered, Extend Domain then runs. The ports can be in the range 9701-49152.

  1. From the Enterprise menu, select Reports, then select BI Publisher Enterprise Reports.
  2. On the BI Publisher Enterprise Reports page, click the refresh icon at the top-right corner.

  3. Expand EM Sample Reports, then click Targets of Specified Type.

  4. Log in to BI Publisher using your Enterprise Manager credentials.

  5. Verify if you are able to see the sample report.