6.1 Importing the Server Certificate on Enterprise Manager

  1. Obtain the root certificate listed under Root Certificate Authority - Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2, as shown in the following ServiceNow article:
  2. Append the external Certificate Authority's certificate to:
  3. Ensure that only the following is appended to the b64LocalCertificate.txt file (that is, do not include blank lines or comments or any other special characters):
    -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- <<<Certificate in Base64 format>>> -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  4. Restart the OMS. Run the following commands:
    emctl stop oms
    emctl start oms 


Do not run the emctl secure oms/agent command after adding the external certificate to the b64LocalCertificate.txt file. If you run the emctl secure command later, then repeat the steps 1 through 3 to make sure the external certificate exists on the b64certificate.txt file.