1.1 ServiceNow Ticketing Connector Overview

The ServiceNow ticketing connector integrates Oracle Enterprise Manager with ServiceNow through an HTTPS connection. Using this connector you can create, update, resolve, close, or reopen tickets (incident tickets) on the ServiceNow system for any incident generated in Enterprise Manager.


Incident tickets in ServiceNow are referred to as tickets in Enterprise Manager and the ServiceNow Connector.

The ticket generated by the connector contains the relevant information about the Enterprise Manager incident, including a link to the Enterprise Manager console to enable service desk analysts to leverage Enterprise Manager's diagnostic and resolution features to resolve the incident. In Enterprise Manager, the ticket ID and link to the ServiceNow console is shown in the context of the incident. This provides Enterprise Manager administrators with status information and an easy way to quickly access the ticket.

Figure 1-1 shows the communication between the various components of the ServiceNow connector:

Figure 1-1 ServiceNow Connector Communication Between Components

ServiceNow Ticketing Connector communication flow example