2.1 ServiceNow Ticketing Connector Prerequisites

Ensure that the following prerequisites have been met before continuing:

  • ServiceNow SOAP Web Service must be accessible from Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  • A ServiceNow account with appropriate permissions to manage incidents must exist. (See Table 5-1 for details on required permissions for each template.)

  • Add the BASICAuth script to Script Includes in ServiceNow (see Configuring ServiceNow to Support the Enterprise Manager ServiceNow Connector).

  • Add the "Root Certificate Authority - Entrust.net Certification Authority (2048)" certificate as described in Enabling SSL for HTTPS

  • The latest version of the ServiceNow ticketing connector comes pre-installed for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c and does not need to be downloaded through Self Update. If the connector you wish to install is not pre-installed, the My Oracle Support Preferred Credentials must be set to enable the download of connectors through self update. To determine whether the connector needs to be downloaded from self update, perform the following steps:

    1. From the Setup menu, select Extensibility, then select Self Update.

    2. On the Self Update page, select Management Connector to display a list of available connectors.

    3. If the ServiceNow connector that you need is not listed here, you will need to set up My Oracle Support (MOS) Preferred Credentials.

  • To set the My Oracle Support Preferred Credentials, perform the following steps:

    1. From the Enterprise Manager Setup menu, select My Oracle Support, then select Set Credentials.

    2. Enter the user name and password information, then click Apply.


    These My Oracle Support credentials are required when there is an internet connection between your Enterprise Manager installation and My Oracle Support. If there is no connection, see Installing the Connector if Enterprise Manager is in "Offline" Mode for details.