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Defining Error Messages for Data Validation

This task is a step in Process of Administering Data Validation Rules.

Before defining data validation rules, you must define the error messages that these rules display. When you create a validation rule, you can choose among these messages to specify the error message that the rule displays.

NOTE:  When creating a validation rule, you also have the option of typing in a message for the rule, provided that the Err Msg Txt field on the applet is not set to read-only. If the Err Msg Txt field on the applet is set to read-only, then you cannot enter a message when creating a validation rule; instead, you must select a message that you have already created.

To activate a rule set

  1. Navigate to Administration - Data Validation, and then Validation Messages view.
  2. In the Validation Messages list, add a record for each new rule set and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the table that follows.

    Message Code

    Enter a numeric code or error code that will be associated with the rule.

    This code is an alphanumeric value that the application logs in the validation history record and store in the Return Code output argument of the business service, if the expression is evaluated to be false. The existing value of that output argument will be overwritten. Therefore the Return Code output argument of the business service will contain the Return Code of the last rule that is evaluated as FALSE. Maximum number of characters for return code is 30.

    For more information, see Viewing a Validation History.

    Message Level

    Enter the level of the error message. This is usually something like Quote or Order, but it can be any text that describes the level.

    Message Source

    Enter the source of the error. This is the process that generated the error, such as Quote Validation or Quote Approval.

    Message Text

    Enter the text that is displayed as the error message.

    NOTE:  In Siebel v7.8 in Standard Interactive (SI) mode, all HTML formatting (for example, <BR>, <B>) that you include with the error message that you define for a data validation rule is lost.

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