Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide

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Service-Oriented Architecture

About Business Services

About Service-Oriented Architecture

How Siebel C/OM Is Built on a Service-Oriented Architecture

How Siebel C/OM Can Be Integrated with Other SOA Applications

How Siebel C/OM Can Be Used with SOA

Web Services for Customer Order Management

Web Services in Version 8.1

Workflows to Activate for Customer Order Management

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About the Signals Mechanism

Creating Signal Actions

Modifying Signal Properties for Signal Actions

Invoking Signals from Controls and Custom Script

Using Recursion with Signals

Migrating Signals Between Environments

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Variable Maps

About Variable Maps

Components of Variable Maps

About Using ISS Integration Objects with the Variable Map Mechanism

Configuring ISS Integration Objects

Supported Source Types for Variables

About Using Variable Maps

Querying with the Business Object Source Type

Using the Business Service Source Type to Populate Variables

Using the Instance Source Type for the Customizable Product Instance Property Sets

Creating Variable Maps

Defining the Variable Map Used by a PSP Procedure

Migrating Variable Maps Between Environments

Variable Map Methods of the Context Service Business Service

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PSP Engine

About the Product Selection and Pricing Engine

Components of the PSP Engine

Controller Workflow

Variable Maps

PSP Procedures

PSP, Siebel Workflow, and Siebel Tools

Row Set Transformation Toolkit Business Service

Custom Business Services

PSP Driver Workflow

Conditions and Actions for PSP Procedures

PSP-Supported Action Expression Constructs

PSP-Specific Functions Used in Action Expressions

Row Set Variables Used in Action Expressions

Conditions and Action Variables Vary by Transform

About Temporary Variables

Row Set Transformation Toolkit Methods

Aggregate Method

Conditional Action Method

Dynamic Look-Up Method

Dynamic Subprocedure Method

Hierarchical Look-Up Method

Hierarchical Method

Merge Method

Query Method

Row Set Look-Up Method

Rule Set Look-Up Method

Simple Look-Up Method

Split Method

Configuring PSP Procedures

Creating PSP Procedures

Best Practices for Configuring PSP Procedures

Configuring Eligibility, Compatibility, and Pricing

Creating a Custom PSP Application

Creating a Custom Transform

Calling a PSP Procedure from an External Application

About Logging of PSP

About Troubleshooting of PSP

About Tuning Performance of PSP

About PSP Cache

Enabling PSP Cache

Setting Cache Size

Using the PSP Generic Cache

Optimizing PSP Cache

Defining a Cache Refresh Key

Configuring a Clear Cache Button

About Using the PSP Dynamic Look-Up Transform Cache

About PSP Cache Performance Statistics

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PSP Waterfall

About Waterfalls

About Configuring Waterfall Output

Adding New Fields to an Existing Waterfall

Creating a New Waterfall

PSP Waterfall Business Service Methods

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Unified Messaging

About Unified Messaging

Components of Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging Service Business Service Methods

Creating Message Types

Configuring the Display of Messages

Implementing Multilingual Substituted Text

Implementing a Custom Message-Generation Engine

About Working with Message Responses

Logging Message Responses

Attaching a Business Service to a Message Response

About Suppressing Duplicate Messages

Suppressing Duplicate Messages

Migrating Message Types Between Environments

Tuning Performance of Unified Messaging

Using Unified Messaging with the PSP Engine

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Data Validation Manager

About Data Validation Manager

Roadmap for Implementing Data Validation Processing

Process of Administering Data Validation Rules

Defining Error Messages for Data Validation

Defining a Data Validation Rule Set

Defining Rule Set Arguments

Defining Validation Rules

Defining Validation Rule Actions

Activating a Data Validation Rule Set

Process of Invoking the Data Validation Manager Business Service

Invoking Data Validation Manager from a Runtime Event

Invoking Data Validation Manager from a Workflow

Viewing a Validation History

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Approvals Manager

About Approval Processing

ISS Approval Business Service Methods

Defining Approval Items and Approval Stages

About Invoking the Approvals Manager Business Service from a Workflow

Configuring the Start Step for a Workflow That Invokes the Approvals Manager Business Service

Configuring the Business Service Step for a Workflow That Invokes the Approvals Manager Business Service

Approving or Declining Approval Stages (End User)

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Asset-Based Ordering Methods Reference

Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods

User Properties Used by PMT Methods

Delta Method

Apply Method

Trim Method

Explode Method

Explode Siebel Object Method

Find Orders Method

Logical Delete Method

Get Profile Attribute Method

Get Instance Method

Convert Product Instance Method

Assign New Service IDs Method

Is Fully Ex Method

Is Module Licensed Method

Merge Method

Quote To Revenue Method

Reconfigure Product Instance Method

Reset Method

Retrieve Next Object From List Method

Set Action Method

Set Exception Error Message Method

Set Field Value Method

Set Multiple Field Values Method

Set Output Header Method

Set Product Instance Method

Set Profile Attribute Method

Synchronize Method

Update Multi Object List Method

Update Order Line Item Completed Flag Method

Get Cfg Button Click Information Method

Refresh Business Component Method

Invoke BC Method

Iterate Process For Selected Rows Method

Get Selected Row Count Method

Get First Selected Row Values Method

Ungroup Method

Order Entry Toolkit Business Service Methods

CreateAccount Method

CreateOrder Method

GetBCCount Method

GotoView Method

SelectPrimary Method

SetLIAccounts Method

SubmitOrder Method

ValidatePayment Method

ValidateQuote Method

ViewCart Method

Account Administration Toolkit Business Service Methods

PickAccount Method

SetPrimary Method

AssociateAccountToUser Method

EstablishMtoM Method

Invoke BC Method

Complex Product AutoMatch Business Service Method

Auto Match

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Projected Asset Cache

About Projected Asset Cache

Projected Asset Cache Business Service Methods

Initialize Method

Query Method

Reset Method

Retrieve Method

Using the VORD Projected Asset Cache Business Service

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Compound Product Validation

About Compound Product Validation Engine Business Service

Compound Product Validation Engine Business Service Methods

FindFutureDate Method

Format Violation Method

Validate Method

ValidateComplexProduct Method

ValidateComplexProductAll Method

ValidateComplexProductFromPropertySet Method

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Copy Service

About Copy Service

Configuring Copy Maps

Copy Service Components

Copy Service Methods

GetFieldValueFromInstance Method

LoadInstanceFromBC Method

SetFieldValueFromInstance Method

PopAndReleaseInstance Method

Copy Method

RefreshBCFromInstance Method

CleanupEAI Method

CleanupInstance Method

LoadEAI Method

SetupLineNumbers Method

SetupSyncUpsert Method

StoreEAI Method

CheckEligibilityHelper Method

CalculatePriceHelper Method

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Data Transfer Utilities Business Service

About Data Transfer Utilities

Considerations for Data Transfer Utilities

Using Named Parameters in DTU

Calculation Expressions in DTU

Using DTU with Order Management Signals

About Working with Hierarchical Business Components

ISS Copy Service and the Data Transfer Utility

Configuring Event-Based Commands for DTU

Dynamic Enabling of Commands for DTU

Performance Tuning for DTU

About Data Maps

Data Map Objects

Data Map Components

Data Map Component Advanced Options

Data Map Fields

Data Map Field Advanced Options

Migrating Data Map Objects Between Environments

Example of Defining Data Maps to Use with the DTU

Finding the Data Map Object

Mapping Headers

Mapping Line Items

Mapping the Extended Attributes

Examples of Invoking the DTU

Example of Invoking the DTU from a Signal: Auto Sales Order

Example of Invoking DTU from a Workflow: Auto Order Web Service

Example of Using DTU Services

Data Transfer Utilities Methods

DataTransfer Method

FAFireEventxxx Method

GetActiveViewProp Method

TryMockMethod Method

QueueMethod Method

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Other Component Business Services for C/OM

Context Service Business Service

GetRowSetData Method

SyncRowSetData Method

ISS ATP Service

CSSISSFulfillmentService::SetATPInputArgument Method

CSSISSFulfillmentService::ATPRunCheck Method

ISS Credit Card Transaction Service

AuthCharge Method

Authorization Method

Charge Method

Refund Method

Reverse Method

ISS Credit Check Service

CreditCheckRunCheck Method

SetCreditCheckResults Method

ISS Disable Service

DisableCopyXAService Method

DisableCheckCanInsert Method

RestoreServiceState Method

ISS Package Product Service

MergeIntoOnePackage Method

RemoveFromPackage Method

ISS Payment Profile Service

SaveAsPaymentProfile Method

UpdatePaymentProfile Method

ISS Promotion Agreement Manager

CalculateDates Method

CheckCommitmentCompliance Method

FilterCurrentDocument Method

FilterPAC Method

GetPromotionDetails Method

InvokeCopyService Method

SetProfileAttributes Method

RemoveProfileAttributes Method

SetOldAssetDetails Method

ISS Promotion CP Admin Service

ClearCache Method

GetPromotionConstraints Method

ISS Promotion Edit UI Service

ApplyEditPromotion Method

EditPromotion Method

ISS Promotion Management Service

ApplyPromotion Method

ClearAssociation Method

ClearMessages Method

CollectAssetList Method

GetContext Method

GetResponseType Method

InitializePAC Method

IntegrityCheck Method

LoadMessage Method

LoadPromRelatedAssets Method

MsgResponse Method

RecommendPromotion Method

ISS Revenue Synchronization Service

Quote Method

UpdateOppty Method

ISS Sequence Service

Sequence Method

ISS Service Product Service

Service Method

ISS Shipping Calculation Service

CalculateShippingCost Method

ISS Shipping Cost Service

CalculateShippingCost Method

ISS Smart Part Number Generation Service

GeneratePartNumber Method

ISS Spread Discount Service

SpreadDiscount Method

ISS Tax Calculation Service

TaxCalculation Method

InternalTaxCalculation Method

ISS Template Service

SaveAsTemplate Method

OrderTemplate Method

OrderTemplateSelectItems Method

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