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Data Map Objects

Data map objects indicate the data that is being transferred from the source business object to the destination business object. You can use the Administration - Application screen, then the Data Map Administration view to define data map objects. Only Siebel administrators have access to this screen. Data map objects are described in Table 44.

Table 44. Data Map Objects


Data map object name. Enter a unique name.

Source Business Object

Source business object name. You must define this name in the Siebel Repository file.

Destination Business Object

Destination business object name. You can specify the same business object as both source and destination business object.


Check this box to make the data map object inactive.

TIP:   Data map objects are cached in memory. Whenever you make changes to an existing data map object, click the Clear Cache button to refresh the cache so that your changes appear.

You can import or export data map objects as XML files through the Data Map Object applet menu items: XML Import, XML Export.

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