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How Siebel C/OM Can Be Used with SOA

Siebel customer order management can be used as a service by any SOA application though the process flow illustrated in Figure 4. In this flow:

  • The external application UI first identifies (through a business process extraction layer) the right set of Web services that it needs to call to support the business process event.
  • The external application layer then:
    • Identifies the right sequence of Web service invocations.
    • Prepares the input to these Web services, and generates the SOAP message appropriately.
  • The Siebel Business Application server Web service listener will receive the soap message, and if needed, facilitates session management and converts the SOAP message to a native property set.
  • The signal service invokes a COM signal, or calls the native service and invokes the COM order management workflow or business service to complete the task.
  • Once the task is completed in the Siebel Business Application, the Siebel application returns a SOAP message back to the calling application which in turn extracts the output and updates the UI.
Figure 4. Example: Using Siebel C/OM with SOA
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