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Mapping Headers

First, look at the mapping of the header component, to see how the quote header buscomp is mapped to the order header buscomp.

Notice that a calculation expression is used to look up the order type LOV to default the order type to sales order.

Two advanced options at the component level are of interest, because they are both important to improve performance:

  • Cached Updates. Enables cached updates at the destination buscomp level. All updates at the order buscomp, and its descendant buscomps, are cached and issued in one batch to the database.
  • Skip Order Management Signals. Because of this option, setting field values at the order buscomp does not trigger order management signals that usually would invoke pricing and eligibility workflows.

To view the header mapping

  1. In the Data Map Component list, select the record named Header.
  2. Look at the mapping in the Data Map field list.

    Notice that the record with Expression in the Source Type field has the expression LookupValue("FS_ORDER_TYPE","Sales Order"), which is used to default the order type to sales order.

  3. Click the select button in the Advanced Options field of the Header record to see that Cached Updates and Skip Order Management Signals are selected as options.
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